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Sanding uni
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Sanding uni

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


The sanding unit will allow quickly and with the minimum expenses of resources to clear metal designs of the small size and firm details of by-products of processing of materials by means of physical impacts. The rust or oxides which are formed on a surface of details can be quickly enough removed from a rim surface without drawing damages of the main metal surface.

Additional processes of restoration of an abrasive and its cleaning of particles of a rust, deposit or paint and varnish coverings are carried out also in the camera of the device by pulse separation of clean sand from foreign particles and secondary supply of this abrasive material to work. 


High quality of processing of metal details in the sanding unit is provided with visual control of the worker which carries out process and manual control over speed and the direction of a sandy suspension in air. For processing of rims and other thin metal details the sanding device can be equipped with the rotating support which is especially urgent for final safe abrasive processing of external automobile registration.

Advantages of this installation:

  • Possibility of work in rooms with high requirements to the level of dust content of air, including inhabited and household since air comes out completely cleared installation;
  • Application inexpensive dyuz own production with various diameters of openings;
  • Possibility of bystry replacement of an abrasive (balls on corundum, etc.);
  • Possibility of completing of installations by various additional equipment (a rotary table for convenience of processing of rims etc.);
  • Use of high-quality Italian AIGNEP pneumatics with automatic blocking of work when opening a door of the camera.
Country of manufacture: Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 21.12.2017

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