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Sanding car
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Sanding car

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


Sanding car 

The tight camera of the sanding machine allows to purify quickly and qualitatively materials of secondary and softer films of a raid and a corrosion scum which is formed when preprocessing materials during influence of the increased temperatures or electric current. High quality of processing of materials and almost absolute harmlessness for the layers lying below allows to work even with thin lamellar details and to process rims, adding them gloss, or a plain opaque surface without additional covering.

The sanding car with success can be used also for cleaning of details of difficult removed pollution and an old paint and varnish covering without use of potentially dangerous chemical reactants and change of physical features of the environment in the tight camera of the device.

All works in the camera of the sanding machine are carried out under control of specially trained worker-operator who keeps under visual control all processes in the camera and carries out manual correction of the direction of air and quantity of an abrasive in a stream.

Reuse of firm particles allows to reduce the price of process of cleaning and to save an account resource.

Technical characteristics:

Overall dimensions: 1770 x 750 x 950 mm

Sizes of the working camera: 1000 x 850 x 600 mm

The mass of the processed detail: 100 kg

Lump: 160 kg

Food:      -220 V 50 Hz – 500 W

           - compressed air of 300 l/min 6 bars

As an abrasive it is possible to use dry sand, glass balls of various fractions, corundum, steel fraction and other corresponding materials depending on requirements to the processed surface. To cleaning of a surface without its damage apply glass balls with a small pressure of air, to a matting and removal of steady pollution – firm abrasives (corundum).



Country of manufacture: Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 21.12.2017

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