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Sanding camera
  • Sanding camera
  • Sanding camera
  • Sanding camera
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Sanding camera

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


Sanding camera 

Materials after electroerosive or heat treatment need additional processing which is capable to add to a detail gloss, to level its surface or to remove any foreign particles from the surface of metals, forming a smooth opaque surface. 

The principle of operation of the unit is covered in processing of a surface with a stream of compressed air which is combined with a stream of the abrasive particles hitting at a high speed against a surface. Along with it softer conglomerates of foreign products of burning of auxiliary powders or pastes, or an oxidic film on metal are eliminated.

Processing in the tight tank of the sanding camera is controlled by the operator who independently regulates the air supply speed, his direction and the angle of giving of particles. For convenience of work with flat details or rims the camera is equipped with the internal rotating table. 

The abrasive expense in the course of production considerably decreases because material is reused after its cleaning in a regenerator of corrosion particles and dust. Working with the sanding car it is also possible to choose the necessary speed of air supply or to clear metal details of difficult pollution or an old paint and varnish covering.

Technical characteristics:

Overall dimensions: 1770 x 750 x 950 mm

Sizes of the working camera: 1000 x 850 x 600 mm

The mass of the processed detail: 100 kg

Lump: 160 kg

Food:      -220 V 50 Hz – 500 W

           - compressed air of 300 l/min 6 bars

As an abrasive it is possible to use dry sand, glass balls of various fractions, corundum, steel fraction and other corresponding materials depending on requirements to the processed surface. To cleaning of a surface without its damage apply glass balls with a small pressure of air, to a matting and removal of steady pollution – firm abrasives (corundum).

Advantages of this installation:

  • Possibility of work in rooms with high requirements to the level of dust content of air, including inhabited and household since air comes out completely cleared installation;
  • Application inexpensive dyuz own production with various diameters of openings;
  • Possibility of bystry replacement of an abrasive (balls on corundum, etc.);
  • Possibility of completing of installations by various additional equipment (a rotary table for convenience of processing of rims etc.);
  • Use of high-quality Italian AIGNEP pneumatics with automatic blocking of work when opening a door of the camera.
Country of manufacture: Ukraine
Plant manufacturer: ФОП Муращик К. Г.
Mass: 160 kg
Air flow: 600 l/min
Bunker capacity: 510 L
Operating pressure: 2 - 8 bar
Remote control: No
Information is up-to-date: 21.12.2017

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