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  • Machine electroerosive cut BP-12dk type
Machine electroerosive cut BP-12dk type
  • Machine electroerosive cut BP-12dk type
  • Machine electroerosive cut BP-12dk type

Machine electroerosive cut BP-12dk type

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Country of manufacture:Poland

The electroerosive cut machine will allow to make metal details of any sizes and hardness by means of the voltage which moves on a special wire of an erosive head of the device. Various types of generators which can be chosen depending on technological problems and volumes of development of production will allow to increase productivity and to control implementation of detailed designs even at distance from executive installation.

The cut machine is equipped with the transparent filter. It allows to control visually process of production of a detail, and opens up that makes available production of details which it is more on diameter, than the main deepening in the device. 

This model of the electroerosive machine does not concede in functionality and productivity to the majority of the machines presented at the modern market. High quality of implementation of the program, safety of work and restoration of production after emergency shutdown of light is a small list of advantages of electroerosive machines from this producer. All equipment of the company underwent certification and conforms to the main quality standards and safety.

The big 4th coordinate cut machine which universality is caused by the big working field (600 x 360 mm) and a possibility of processing of details of considerable thickness (to 190 mm). As well as at the BP-800dk machine, essentially new kinematic scheme providing sufficient rigidity and consequently, and the mechanical accuracy of a design is applied here. The ideal machine for the solid tool company making the large-size equipment.

Today all machines at the choice of the Buyer can be completed with three types of generators (the generator of technological current and ChPU in one constructive block):

  • the generation generator I with analog management. Mass production of such generators is stopped, but by the special order it is possible;
  • the generation generator II with digital control (a BP-05d machine photo), difference from the previous generation — the increased productivity, the improved system of basing, is optimized an algorithm of automatic positioning, there is a possibility of connection of a drilling erosive head for an insertion of starting openings for gas station of a wire;
  • the generation generator III with the integrated computer and management by means of the touch-pad panel. Advantages — management of operation of the machine through intuitively clear menu on the screen, the increased productivity, the improved control algorithms and operation of the machine, etc. Besides, on machines with the generator III of generation the system of automatic gas station of a wire can be installed (after start in mass production, approximate term – the middle of 2016). A sign of completing of the machine such the generator – a symbol m in the name of the machine, for example, the BP-05dm machine. ROC of the new digit block comes to an end that will increase productivity to 100 and more than a mm2/min. After start of the block in mass production all existing machines with generators ІІ and ІІІ generations can be upgraded with use of this device.

Process of cutting of metal is carried out in a stream of the deionized water under pressure. The maximum technological productivity of machines reaches 50 mm2/min. on condition of cutting at right angle. At increase in a tilt angle of a wire productivity decreases. Approximate dependence of productivity on a wire tilt angle during the work with tool stalyam is given in the table. 

Wire tilt angle

Maximum technological productivity


35 – 50 mm2/min.


15 - 20 mm2/min.


10 - 15 mm2/min.


5 - 10 mm2/min.


Machines are completed with the device for check and exposure to perpendicularity of a wire and a desktop. At the request of the Customer machines can be completed with other additional equipment (SYSTEM 3R, etc.).

The transparent protection of a working zone opens up that allows to process if necessary details with sizes big, than the bathtub sizes. (Advantage in front of machines of submersible type).

The cutting modes with various tension of ignition are provided in all machines – from 80 to 300 V. Eto allows to pick up the optimum modes of processing for various materials – steel, aluminum, copper, solid alloy, etc.

The software of machines allows to transfer from the computer the program of processing of several contours at the same time (for example, when processing a multiwindow matrix or two-pass processing with various offsets), at the same time processing is carried out serially with automatic moving of guides to the beginning of the following contour.

Programming of contours of cutting is carried out with use of a MEGACAD package (the license for one workplace is included in the package of delivery). It consists of CAD – the module practically poorly different from other CAD – systems, and ITSELF – the module which carries out directly preparation of programs for the machine (the module contains the post-processor for work with ChPU of machines). The package is compatible on the DWG, DXF formats to all other CAD – systems (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, the COMPASS, etc.) that gives the chance to use the ready drawings prepared in these systems for creation of programs for machines. The structure of a package can switch on the module for the automated design of gear evolvent wheels, the price makes it €650. Upon purchase of the machine the Customer installs the software on the computer, connects the machine to the computer the RS cable – 232 (is included in the delivery package) and receives system, ready to work. In case of completing of the machine the generator ІІІ generations it is necessary just to turn on the machine and to begin work.

Construction function ekvidistant (offset) is realized in the software of MEGACAD, as well as a binding of an angle of rotation of system of coordinates of preparation concerning system of coordinates of the machine.

ChPU of the machine has a full set of the standard service functions which are available in the majority of modern cut machines. This positioning of a wire concerning a detail (automatic centering in an opening, a groove, on the angle of preparation, etc.), automatic exposure to perpendicularity of a wire and desktop, further work according to the interrupted program after emergency power off (non-volatile memory), processing of several contours in one program, etc.

There is a possibility of programming of simple contours in the manual mode without use of the computer.

Detailed technical characteristics of machines are given in the table.


Name of parameter



Sizes, mm



Bathtub standard, mm



Desktop, mm



Movements on XY/UV/axes



Height of preparation, mm



The mass of the processed detail, kg



Accuracy of positioning, mm



The electric drive on an axis

X, Y,V,W


Max. tilt angle of a wire, about



Electrode material *

Brass wire of Ø 0,25


Tank container with dielectric, l



 Dielectric type **

The deionized water


Working current, And

10 - 100


Working tension on an electrode, In

80 – 300


Power consumption, kW



Full weight, kg


* - application of a wire with a diameter of 0,1 - 0,3 mm on condition of the order of a set of the corresponding guides is possible;

** - good results are yielded by the water received by means of the return osmosis

On an additional photo opportunities 4 coordinate processing - various contours of a cut z the different parties of a detail are shown.

Country of manufacture: Poland
Information is up-to-date: 21.12.2017

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