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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


Abrasive blasting apparatus allows to give an attractive appearance products engineering industry and other metal products, rust remove products from the surface and remove the damaged sections, forming a coherent and smooth matte surface.

The basic principle of this type of semi-automatic mechanism lies in its ability to generate compressed air. It contains dust particles under pressure, that hitting the surface to be treated, located in a sealed chamber, remove the oxidized metal particles that are not amenable to removal in a normal environment.

The main part of the work of cleaning and polishing materials executes the statement, which should, according to safety regulations, working in special gloves. Work keeps the desired position and the degree of inclination of the details, allowing the abrasive particles at high speed to handle the desired area. Abrasive blasting machine will operate in the field of cycling, clearing used abrasive dust particles and corrosive materials, and then re-introducing them into the work. Some models of vehicles equipped with an internal rotating table, which will be particularly suitable for the treatment of motor drives.


Surface treatment before and after electric discharge machining after heat treatment, to remove the products of corrosion resistant contaminants overmeasure haze metal, glass and other surfaces.


The installation consists of airtight working chamber, in which the processing details of the operator using special gloves. Processing is performed with compressed air with an abrasive material. Abrasive working in a closed loop with the filter chamber where dust separated by the filter. The filter is regenerated inverse pulses of compressed air, and the exhaust fan, the selecting cleaned air outwardly. Installation in the photo is equipped with a rotary table for easy handling of wheel rims.


The operator visually observes the surface cleaning and manually controls the compressed air with the abrasive. The installation is approx. 1 dm3 abrasive.


Overall dimensions: 1770 x 750 x 950 mm

Chamber dimensions: 1000 x 850 x 600 mm

Weight of workpiece: 100 kg

Total weight: 160 kg

Food: -220 V 50 Hz - 500 W

                     - the compressed air is 300 l / min 6 bar

As an abrasive can be used dry sand, glass balls of various fractions alumina, steel grit and other suitable materials depending on the requirements of the treated surface. To clean the surface without damaging the glass beads used at a low pressure air for matting and removing stubborn dirt - Solid abrasives (corundum).

The advantages of this installation:

  • .... The ability to work in environments with high demands to the level of airborne dust in t h residential and municipal, ie to the air from the installation goes completely purified;
  • Application economy nozzle own production of holes with different diameters;
  • Possibility of rapid replacement of abrasive (alumina balls on, etc.);
  • Possibility of picking units different additional equipment (rotary table for ease of handling car drives, etc...);
  • Use quality Italian pneumatic AIGNEP automatic locking operation of the door when opening the chamber.
Country of manufacture: Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 21.12.2017

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